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Carnival Dance: Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Cuban; General choreography and production devise; and Zumba

Learn about Carnival dance and African influenced dances from South America and the Caribbean. Now also providing Zumba sessions (Latin inspired dance-fitness).

The workshops are delivered by a highly experienced and reknown dancer with more than 10 years experience.

The workshops cover specific elements such as:
• Teaching of the dance style with a historical and cultural background.
• Development of choreographies to suit the needs of the client group.
• Adaptation of the dance session to suit the demands of the national curriculum as requested by the client group.
• Devise and delivery of dance workshops in preparation for school and community carnivals
• Devise and delivery of INSET sessions

Previous Experience

TEACHING EXPERIENCE (schools and community work)
BLOCO FOGO - Guest Dance Teacher
CELEBRATORY CARNIVAL DANCE - Concept creator, Director and Facilitator
UNDER1SUN - Dance Director
CITY COLLEGE BRIGHTON AND HOVE - International Dance Lecturer, BTEC Performing Arts
EMERGENCY EXIT ARTS- Dance teacher and performer
EVOLUTION ARTS – Carnival Dance Adult Community Learning Course
GOLDEN GROOVES – Founder and facilitator of dance, movement and gentle exercise sessions for over 50s
MARACATU CRUZEIRO DO SUL – Lead female dancer and choreographer
SAME SKY - Choreographer and Finale Director. Children’s Parade and Lead Choreographer for Finale show. Burning the Clocks.
SOUTH EAST DANCE – various dance workshops including dance companies for over 50s, Big Dance and Arts and Health projects.
SPIRITUS ARTS - Dance Resident Teacher
SYNERGY ARTS - Founder, Director and Facilitator
WISE MOVES - Dance teacher

INTERNATIONAL WORK (teaching, choreographing and performing)
2008 Masterclasses for Sambeando, Cordoba Spain
2007 Masterclasses for Sambeando, Cordoba Spain
2005 Masterclass and performance at Dublin St. Patrick's Parade
2004 October Circo Piccolino. Afro-Brazilian dance, percussion and singing. Salvador, Bahia. Brazil
2004 May. WOMAD Foundation. Workshop and performance with Risenga Makondo. Dartington, UK

"big Thank You for your hard work. It was a real pleasure to have you around and I am most grateful for your professionalism, efficiency and utmost organisation".

Géraldine Roul
Event Manager

"This course was outstanding. I attend a variety of dance classes and learning with Rosaria is uplifting.
Rosaria works at a pace to suit the students in the room, taking time to go over the steps and in addition gives background info to the history of the dance which really adds to the experience.
The class is very much about the movements and feeling the music, something that I look for in dance".

Beth Gibbons (student)
Life Lasting PR

Previous Experience
  • Ireland
  • South East
  • London
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Rosaria Gracia
Rosaria Gracia

Dancing with Carnival Collective
Dancing with Carnival Collective

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Collaboration between Trinity College and Schools _Greenwich Festival